Scorpio Season Horoscopes

October 24 - November 21


This year has been wild (to say the least), but the vibe chills way, way out on October 24, aka day one of Scorpio season 2021! Libra season's upbeat, social, and somewhat superficial vibes are gone, and instead you’re feeling emotional and intense. Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces: This is your time of year, and the watery astro-weather is vibing perfectly with you. Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius, you’re struggling a little more with this whirlpool of feels! Aries Scorpio season’s emotional, intense vibes are centralising around your deepest, most intimate connections. Three words: In. Your. Feelings. That’s right, Aries, you’re gonna have alllll the emotions this Scorpio season, and they’re running especially high between you and your S.O. Intimacy is the greatest right now because of how ~passionate~ you’re feeling, but fights are fiery than ever now too. Taurus When it comes to your relationships, you’re all in, Taurus. This Scorpio season finds you focusing on your one-on-one relationships and making sure they’ll last. This applies to your love life (and it’s a great time to upgrade your relationship status), but it also applies to your platonic and professional relationships. You’re making new connections, but you’re also deciding who you need to cut out of your life. Trust your judgment, Taurus—you know what to do. Gemini You’re starting to take your day-to-day routine much more seriously. In fact, you’re realising that it impacts your mental, physical, and emotional health, likely because you’re experiencing symptoms from the parts of your routine that aren’t working out so well. If you’re overworked, the stress is kicking your ass. If you’re not taking care of your physical health/wellness, you’re feeling real crummy. If you’re not staying tidy and on top of chores, you’re starting to feel uncomfy. This next month wants you to reorganise your life, Gemini. The healthy habits you start now will stick around for a long, long time. Cancer If you are healing from a breakup or other big life change, Scorpio season is the perfect time to debut a new makeover and remind the world that you are more fabulous than ever. Take your time, heal in your own way, and then put on the most epic Halloween Costume and have more fun than you have in ages. Leo You’re really taking on Scorpio season’s angsty, moody vibes, Leo. This is a deeply private, introverted, and emotional month for you. Your usual outgoing, upbeat Leo attitude is really being stifled right, because this really isn’t a time for expressing yourself—it’s a time to focus on your innermost self, your roots, and your past. You’re learning way more about what makes you you, and you’re realising which parts of your past helped mold you into the person you are today. Virgo Despite Scorpio season’s quiet, secretive vibes, you’re finding that life is beginning to pick up the pace. For the next weeks, you’re connecting with others more than usual and you're so busy! You’re on the phone 24/7, running errands, meeting new people, and having a pretty good time, TBH. Libra Scorpio season is activating your chart’s zone of finances! You’re working harder, getting more bread, and really treating yourself, as you should! Just don’t blow all your cash on fancy Sephora buys or last-minute trips, though, let's be sensible. Scorpio HBD, Scorpio!!! This month, live your life the way you want to! What’s most important to you? Your relationships? Your family? Your job? You can use this next month to pinpoint a goal or achievement you really want to make, work hard, and get what you want—your way, Scorpio. It’s your time to shine! Sagittarius The next month has a very meh vibe for you, Sagittarius. this is simply a time to reassess and reevaluate the past year or so of your life. What failed relationships/projects/jobs are you still interested in pursuing? What things/people simply don’t belong anymore? Rest, recharge your batteries, and clear out past baggage from your life this month. Try to take it easy, chill out at home more, and be in touch with any new goals. Sag season is right around the corner, and you’ll want to be one hundred percent ready for it! Capricorn Apple cider, Halloween decorations, and pumpkin pie are on the horizon, Capricorn. This witchy season calls on you to act like a tree shedding its leaves for winter and release what no longer serves you. Aquarius The next month is very career focused for you, Aquarius. All the work you’ve been putting in over the past year is reaching a culmination point, and you’re being rewarded for all your efforts—or facing consequences for not staying on top of your job. It’s all eyes on you, so keep up the good work and push yourself to overachieve. Pisces The theme of Scorpio season for your sign is “adventure.” If you’re able to safely physically travel someplace new, this is the absolute best time to take a road trip. If that just isn’t a possibility for you, then you’re able to spend more time mentally exploring.

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