Our Ethics

Ethics, sustainability and contribution are so relevant and important for any business to be aware of. Here at ARTEMIS, we have a set of ethical standards and values that underpin every aspect of our small business. Everything from the packaging that we use, where we supply our materials, contributing to the community, to the treatment of our amazing employees, is so important to us!

charity contribution ethical our ethics manchester salford ethical sustainable eco friendly support best female led feminism equality empowerment entrepreneur wage salary fairness moral ethical sustainable small business inspiring inspirational innovative happiness self development   Working Environment Female empowerment is at the core of what we do and because we are a female run brand, we make sure that this empowerment is at the heart of our culture. Every employee at ARTEMIS is paid higher than the living wage and are given freedom and support in order to make their work life as healthy as it can be. Charlotte spends a lot of time creating a positive and inspiring working environment and implementing innovative ways to promote happiness, self-development and fun in the workplace. We celebrate that each employee works differently and has unique talents, which is why we practice flexible working, where they get to pick their hours and work around their preferred schedule to make sure their work-life balance is the best it can be. We have weekly meetings to ensure that every task they do is something they love and feel comfortable doing, as we hope to combat the all-so-common dread of coming to work. We encourage everyone to have time off whenever necessary which is why there is no cap, for mental health reasons, to spend quality time with loved ones or to just simply take time for themselves. We have frequent brainstorming sessions where we are all able to bring our ideas to life, encouraging everyone to have a say on how the business should be run and what products we should sell in order for their voices to be heard and for every person to feel valued. We also have monthly team socials where we get to have fun, become even closer and take some time away from work and once lockdown is over, we’re planning on making up for all the brunches, lunches and drinks that have been missed! Supplies & Sustainability We believe that quality does not need to be compromised when making ethical packaging choices. We avoid plastic as much as possible, packaging orders using paper or card, paper stickers and acid-free tissue paper. Our rings are carefully packaged in reusable jewellery pouches, our totes are packaged in recyclable mailers and everything else is in paper envelopes. We try as much as possible to reflect our core values of ethical and sustainable living when choosing how our products are sourced and packaged. We take a localised approach to operations and keep suppliers as local as possible. We are proud to say that over 90% of our jewellery materials are sourced from UK small-scale vendors or other small business sellers on Etsy. Our tote bags are made from 100% recycled materials, made from the offcuts of black t-shirts and are sourced from a Leeds based company who also supply our prints and notebooks. We hand package everything by hand and create all of our jewellery made to order ourselves, to avoid waste and ensure that we can control the quality of every single order. Support    Here at ARTEMIS, we know how much love, time and passion goes into crafting a small business. That’s why we are always searching for other small businesses to support and show some love to. Every week we choose a small business to focus on, posting them on our “Artemis Loves” Instagram highlight. We are also using our blog to create small business guides to provide a platform to amazing indie brands. We are not only a small business, but a team of passionate women who want to build a powerful community and to inspire other creators and talented artists who are beginning their small business journey. Contribution We are in such a privileged position where your orders have provided us with financial support and whilst we are only a small business, we know how important contribution is. Which is why each and every month, from April 2021, we will be choosing a different Manchester-based charity to work closely with and donating a percentage of sales and all tips at the checkout to. We will be creating content on social media throughout the month in order to give the spotlight to these incredible small charities who have such amazing stories that deserve to be heard. We will be working with a different charity each month as there are so many wonderful non-profit organisations that have touched our hearts and we want to support as many as physically possible for as long as we are in the position to do so. It is without a doubt that everything we do here at ARTEMIS is out of passion and love. Everything we do has been thought about so carefully and mindfully which is why our ethics is not something that we take lightly. At its very core, ARTEMIS is a platform to empower women, support our community, encourage a healthy and innovative working culture and to bring sustainable and beautiful jewellery to life.


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Author: Natasha Sotiraki, Editor: Charlotte Curran

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