Leo Season Horoscopes


Leo Season 23 July - 23 August

Leo Characteristics Leo is drama. Leo is flair. Leo wants to throw glitter on everything and turn everyday mundaneness into the most fabulous thing ever! Leos are ruled by the Sun. They are charming, warm, welcoming, funny, protective, and generally great company. Leos love to lead, perform, talk, be admired and receive the praise and respect of others. They are naturally regal, and always assume a boss-like stance in any relationship or group dynamic.  

Leo Season Horoscopes

Aries Ooh la la, Aries! Since you’re a fellow fire sign, Leo season is steaming things up in your love life and bringing all sorts of romantic opportunities your way. Your chart’s zone of romance and fun is getting lit up by Leo season’s fiery vibes. Flap your wings, social butterfly: The month ahead will likely be peppered with gatherings and get-togethers.

Taurus Taurus, you're likely to spend this month looking for ways to be fulfilled at work. When Jupiter retrograde reemerges in Taurus, you're going to be feeling driven and creative. This won't go unnoticed, expect opportunities to come your way. Still, be discerning as to what you take on, to ensure the good vibes keep rolling.

Gemini You’re feeling chattier than ever this Leo season! If you have something to say, say it—people want to hear your voice. Your social butterfly mode is activated this month, Gemini, as Leo season is lighting up the communication sector of your chart and bringing you loads of confidence when it comes to expressing yourself. Both your work and personal calendars are likely to be booming with plans, so go with the flow of invites and allow your conversational charms to shiiiiiine.

Cancer Now that Cancer season is over, you’re settling into your day-to-day routine and getting back to work. But remember, whether you’re burnt out, over-taxed, or overcommitting, you have to remember that some forms of rest aren’t for tuning out, but for tuning in. You're about to enter into a period of clarity. You'll have realisations that may affect certain relationships, compelling you to step back. This month, retreating is a part of healing. As you see the world more clearly, take time alone to see yourself.

Leo Happy birthday Leo babe! You’re always the star of the show and the spotlight’s on you for real right now. With the Sun firmly under the auspices of the lion, joined by Mercury’s ingress, your schemes are bound to become daring and your schedule is sure to get packed. You’re the crown jewel of the season, Leo, so embrace your most authentic self this month and make sure it shines through in everything you do.

Virgo You stress and stress and stress (and stress!) about other people. You love to take care of them. You often take better care of them than you do yourself, though, and end up burned out. Focus on you. Take care of you. Clean up, figure out a better self-care routine, and fix your sleep! Everyone else can handle being alone without your help, we promise. It’s also a great time to embrace your mystical side by doing some fun moon rituals, dream interpretations, or meditations. Pleasure is the priority for you now. Do what feels restful and rejuvenating. Meanwhile, your love life is flourishing. That's because you are too.

Libra This next month is one of the most social times of year for you! You’re feeling more popular than ever, everywhere you go there are new faces trying to connect. Your social life’s getting a major glow up—enjoy! It’s a great time to throw or attend a party, connect with your crew, and be bold about putting yourself out there when it comes to networking or meeting people in your community. Your individuality is shining for all to see.

Scorpio The solar spotlight is on your career and public image this month, Scorpio, so it’s time to take centre stage at work. You’re reaching a critical moment in your development, Scorpio. You’re really in the spotlight this month, and your performance has long-term rewards. Being confident in your capabilities will allow this momentum to propel you toward your professional goals. Sagittarius You pride yourself in how well-rounded you are, and this month is here to help you become an even more well-rounded person. Whether it’s through travel, a class, or just a new interest you discover, you’re learning tons of new things and growing even more this month. Say yes to any good opportunities to expand your horizons, travel to a new place, or learn new things.

Capricorn Commitment is very important to you, Cap. This month you’re focusing on your tightest, strongest relationships, and learning how to make them even more secure. The super emotional, erotic vibe is perf for getting intimate with someone special. But careful not to catch feelings for any new flings too soon. Everyone has secrets or beneath-the-surface issues that weigh on them from time to time, Capricorn. But Leo season is asking you to lighten your spiritual load and make room for some personal transformations.

Aquarius You’re all about relationships this month, Aquarius, as Leo season is shining a spotlight on your one-one-one connections. Making bold moves in relationships right now will pay off, so don’t be afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve and tell your partner exactly what you’re passionate about. This month, you may also feel pulled between your twin desires for autonomy and commitment. When Jupiter retrograde connects with your Sun, you may feel ready to give your "all" in relationships. But Uranus’s planetary retrograde, may shake those prior convictions. Rather than thinking long-term, your focus may stay on the present this month.

Pisces Having some fun in the sweet summer sun is exactly what the cosmic doctor ordered this month, Pisces — as Leo season is inspiring you to get more enthusiastic about your wellness routine. Leo vibes can be very self-centered, as we all know. But y’know what, Pisces? Own it! This season is all about focusing on yourself and your health—physical and mental. Start healthier, more productive behaviours, up your self-care game, and you’ll be surprised at the long-term benefits that come your way.   Product Recommendations for Leo Szn!   This Leo season, your zodiac is going to bring so much opportunity, joy & excitement. Remind yourself of this with some Zodiac art. Our Zodiac Prints are a great birthday gift for any Leo babe this month.
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