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It has never been more important to shop small and support local brands. Here are 10 ways you can help and support us (and other small businesses!), at little to no cost at all!

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It’s time to get your thumbs tapping on the follow button & get your lookbooks at the ready! Many small businesses just like ours plant themselves onto various platforms for your every need. For regular updates, product launches & a completely free way of showing support, you’ll find us and most other small businesses on InstagramFacebook & occasionally Twitter. Not only can you grab yourself some free content like wallpapers & more, but why not jump onto Pinterest and TikTok too for styling ideas as well as gift guides & more! Like, Share & Comment It may seem simple when it’s said and done, but with scrolling these days it’s easy enough to lose track of your favourite businesses and brands. With a simple, like, share to friends or/and your stories as well as engaging with questions asked in their captions or just sharing your love for a piece, you’ll see more of what you love in a blink of an eye! Shopping Small The year 2020 was the year the internet won, and so did small businesses. With exposure far bigger than before it’s never been easier to find the products you love, made with care from an individual brand or person. Now we are in 2021 and the high streets are back open, please don't forget your fav online small shop! No matter how small the order is you’re placing, every single order is greeted with a happy dance & the ability for that business to carry on doing just what they love, as much as you do. So please, continue to shop small where you’ll find attention to detail like no other & overwhelming gratitude from your purchase. Tag us in your Photos! Seeing customers enjoy, style and love our pieces brings small businesses like us nothing but gratitude & joy. Most small businesses will be looking for extra content too, so just by taking a photo and tagging them, you’ve managed to support even further than your original purchase, and it’s all for free. If you have any unposted ARTEMIS photo’s please feel free to post them any time or send them to us, and we will always ask for your permission in advance to re-share to our feed! Write a Lovely Review! Take the time once your order has arrived to find out where you can leave a review for that small business. You can find ours on our Facebook and Google. Not surprisingly, a few kind words about customer service, the items you’ve received and your favourite thing about that small businesses is exactly what others are looking for before they buy too. It also enables the businesses like ours to connect with you from purchase, to postage and then to you receiving your order, which enables us to learn more about the important details that matter to you! Spread the Word When you find a small business, do you ever think “I know exactly who would love this!” (we know we do it all the time!). An easy way to share a small business or brand is to tell your friends and family members who you think would love it too! Subscribe to Emails Tailored specifically for their audience, mailing lists are beneficial in many ways for both you and the small business you’re interacting with. Here’s just a few things you’ll be able to receive and keep up to date on:
  1. Product launches
  2. Discounts
  3. News & updates
  4. Curated inspiration
  5. Their story
A small business will only ever have your best interests at heart when it comes to emails. Keep up with us here at ARTEMIS and feel free to subscribe via the bottom right in the footer of our website, we have so many exclusive offers that we send only to our email subscribers! Shop for Gifts Gifting is a guaranteed and easy way to support a small business. Many will have gifting options available on checkout so the process couldn’t be any easier. Most small businesses will leave a little note & business card inside, so once your best friend, work colleague or family member receives their gift they know exactly where to browse if they want more! Free Content Competing with bigger markets doesn’t mean that small businesses go small on creating content! In fact, even at ARTEMIS, we make wallpapers, lookbooks and even Spotify playlists! Every small step you take using the free content at your fingertips enables a brand to expand even further and encourages them to reward you with even more. Get to know us! Stories & direct messages on Instagram are a great way to get to know a small business on a one-to-one level. You can even suggest new products, ideas and simply just come say hi! Our DM’s are always open, and we can’t wait to get to know you more.


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