Cancer Season Horoscopes



June 21 - July 22


For our fire signs, this month is all about laying low and chilling out. You deserve to relax! Keep things super low-key and take some time to rest, stay home and just enjoy quality time with your loved ones. Embrace the calm and take this opportunity to really reflect on exactly what it is you want next in life.   Taurus Pay close attention to the relationships in your life - this is the time to express your feelings and focus on clear communication. Emotions can often be a difficult subject for earth signs, but this is the season to open yourself up! Let the most important people in your life know how much you appreciate them.   Gemini It's time to get serious and commit! Find your focus and really think about who or what means the most to you in life. Whether you’re about to take the next step in your relationship or make some big career moves - this is the season to really give it your all! Let your ambition take the lead and don’t look back.   Cancer Happy Birthday! This month is all about YOU. Right now is the perfect time to make magic happen and have all of your birthday wishes come true. Fresh starts and exciting adventures are just around the corner. If there’s something new that you’ve been meaning to explore for a while now, this is the time!   Leo Learn to let go of the past and work on finding the closure you need to move forward! Tie up all of the loose ends in your life and make peace with what has already happened. You can’t change the past, but you can definitely look forward to the future! Focus on healing your emotions so that you can move forward into Leo season with a clean slate.   Virgo Less work, more socialising! Last month was a super busy time for you and your career, so now is the time to celebrate all of your achievements. Say yes to new things and put yourself out there! Be open to meeting people and creating new friendships.   Libra Time to focus on all of your long term goals! Where do you want to be in a year's time? Who do you want to be? Time to make some power moves and make things happen! Put your energy into investing in yourself now and your future self will thank you.   Scorpio Take any opportunities that come your way to travel and broaden your horizons! This is the season for you to be spontaneous and embark on new adventures. If there’s somewhere at the top of your bucket list you’ve been dying to go to, now is the time to tick it off!   Sagittarius Ready for something new? You might be feeling the urge to break free from the repetition of everyday life and create new and exciting opportunities for yourself. Let your imagination run wild - get creative and start fulfilling your passions!   Capricorn Remind yourself not to put too much pressure on yourself this month - you need to let your hair down and just let go! Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you and put your trust in them to take over some control.   Aquarius Dedicate this month to taking care of yourself and just focus on your wellbeing. Reach out to someone you trust for advice and guidance and remember not to bottle things up. Indulge in some self care, you’ve earned it!   Pisces This is the perfect time to build on your success and appreciate what you’ve already achieved. You're on a roll and still on the way up! You’re on to bigger and better things - but don’t forget to enjoy the view from where you already are.

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