Which Artemis Girl Are You? 🦇✨🧚‍♀️🌹⚰️

The Artemis girls exude an aura of allure and intrigue, each adorned with jewellery that tells tales of enchantment and fascination. She is a paradox, a creature of light and shadow, her jewellery a reflection of her innermost desires and dreams. So, which Artemis girl aesthetic are you? 



Where playful vibes meet dark allure for a spellbinding fusion of style and personality! These mystical mavens are all about mixing and matching vintage treasures with gothic glamour, creating eye-catching ensembles that are equal parts quirky and mysterious. From adding whimsical accessories to their traditional dark attire to rocking out to alternative tunes while immersed in their favourite fairy tales, whimsigoth girls embrace a kaleidoscope of interests that span literature, art, music, and beyond. With their unique blend of whimsical charm and gothic allure, being a whimsigoth girl is like stepping into a storybook where every page holds a magical surprise! Shop the edit below!



A witch core girl is like a magical maven who sprinkles enchantment wherever she goes! Picture a whimsical whirlwind of colourful crystals, flowing cloaks, and sparkling spells. She's all about infusing everyday life with a dash of mysticism and a pinch of potion-making fun. Whether she's dancing under the moonlight, brewing up herbal concoctions in her kitchen cauldron, or decked out in celestial prints and witchy accessories, she's always casting a spell of joy and wonder. With her playful spirit and mystical flair, being witch core is like living in a whimsical world where every moment is a magical adventure waiting to unfold! Shop the edit below!



A fairy girl is like a whimsical sprite straight out of a fantastical storybook, spreading joy, sparkle, and a sprinkle of magic wherever she goes! Picture someone who radiates playful energy and exudes a sense of wonder with every flutter of her wings. A fairy girl delights in all things whimsical and enchanting, from fluttery dresses adorned with flower petals to accessorizing with glittering gems and delicate fairy wings. Her world is filled with laughter, imagination, and a deep connection to nature's beauty, as she dances through meadows, paints rainbows in the sky, and whispers secrets to the flowers. Being a fairy girl is like living in a perpetual fairy tale, where every day is an adventure waiting to unfold in a flurry of laughter and fairy dust! Shop the edit below!



A goth core girl is a captivating fusion of dark elegance and alternative edge, infusing every aspect of her life with a bewitching allure. From her striking black attire and dramatic makeup to her love for haunting melodies and macabre literature, she embraces the darker side of life with a sense of sophistication and intrigue. Yet, beneath her mysterious exterior lies a complex soul filled with creativity, depth, and a rebellious spirit. Whether she's wandering through ancient cemeteries, immersing herself in gothic literature, or expressing herself through art and music, the goth core girl is a captivating enigma, drawing others into her world of dark beauty and sublime fascination. Shop the edit below!


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